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Our Projects

Every project has its unique engineering solution

At BSG Engineering, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide unique engineering solutions to our clients in the oil and gas industry. Our portfolio showcases our most successful projects and highlights our expertise in the field. From junior to large producers, we have provided engineering consultancy services to a variety of clients. Let us help you find the engineering solution that best suits your needs.

Enhanced Oil  Recovery

Water Flood Project

6500 m3/d (40,000 bbl/day) water injection facilities

100+ wells tied in with more than 200km pipeline

Oil Treating Battery and Gas Plant Upgrade

Regulatory, Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management

Oil Production Facilities

100+ producing wells tied to Satellites and pipeline to Central Processing Facility

100km main truck pipeline

Standardized Design for efficient execution

Regulatory, Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management

Midstream Pipeline & Storage

8” 54 km Sales Oil Pipeline

1600 m3/d (10,000 bbl/day)  pumping station with sales meter

4800 m3 (30,000 bbl) tank farm

Internal & 3rd Party trucking facilities

Regulatory, Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management

Oil Treating Facility

Oil Treating Battery

1600 m3/d (10,000 bbl/d) capacity

Fast Track green field project

Regulatory, Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management

Midstream LACTUnit

Standard Low Volume LACT Unit

Sea Can Container converted with mechanical / electrical compartments

432 m3/d (2700 bbl/d) Oil Capacity

Meets code for installation in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication

30 MW Power Station Upgrade Study

Existing 16 MW Facility with six (6) reciprocating GenSets, and ORC

Expansion required addition of Turbine and Solar Panel Farm

Power Flow Study within station and grid connection to ATCO

Design Study, Equipment Design, Cost Estimate, Schedule, Equipment Sourcing

5 MW PowerStation

Greenfield four (4) reciprocating GenSets

Survey and Land Acquisition

EPEA Application

Surplus Equipment supplied by Client modified for CSA and Emissions Control

Regulatory, Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management

Management of Change (MOC)

Treater Capacity Review & Troubleshooting

Work with Facility Engineer and Field Operations to gather information

Process design for previous design, current production and capacity

Study Report, Specify Controls Modification for Field Procurement

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