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Engineering and consulting services


At BSG Engineering, we specialize in providing engineering consulting services to junior, midsize or large oil and gas producers. Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to meet the changing needs of your project.
Conventional Oil and Gas Facilities

Our niche in building Conventional Oil and Gas Facilities is our ability adapt to the size of the project and your requirements.   Our primary focus has been on small scale facilities where we have significant experience in conventional oil and gas projects for both sweet and sour applications. Our expertise in project management includes regulatory, coordinating land and survey, engineering & design and construction management. 

  • Regulatory Applications

  • Well tie-ins

  • Gathering Systems

  • Compressor Stations

  • Gas Processing Facilities

  • Sour Gas Processing Facilities

  • Batteries and Satellites

  • Dehydration

  • Desalting

  • Water Injection

  • Water Treatment

  • Vapour Recovery

Unconventional Oil and Gas Facilities

Our team has extensive experience in Heavy Oil and offers the expertise gained for many of the largest projects in Alberta which we have learned from and can offer on your Unconventional Oil and Gas Facilities.  The result from our team is a specific design which exceeds typical performance and executed effectively. 

  • Enhanced oil recovery

  • Oil sands SAGD recovery

  • Steam generation and waste water treatement

  • Upgrading facilities

  • Oil sands In-Situ Tailings treatment

Speciality Engineering

Our diverse experience allows us to handle Speciality Engineering in the areas of environment, fabrication design, equipment and facilities optimization

  • Environmental Conservation

  • Fabrication Design

  • Safety Integrity Studies

  • Burner Design and Optimization

Pipeline Engineering / Project Management


BSG Engineering has the tools and expertise to develop practical pipeline Engineering, Procurement and construction support for gas, oil and thermal (SAGD) Pipelines. We will help you to ensure that pipeline engineering design will be executed as per codes, standards and clients specifications.

  • Pipeline survey studies

  • Geotechnical Studies

  • Environmental impacts and evaluation

  • Hydraulic analysis

  • Regulatory application

  • Conceptual and preliminary planning

  • Cost Estimating (class 5,Class 4 and Class 3)

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

  • Route evaluation and selection

  • Constructability of the pipeline routes

  • Pipeline Planning and scheduling

  • Basic Engineering Design (BED)

  • Risk analysis

  • Contingency and mitigation planning

  • Stress analysis, HDD crossing design

  • Engineering Design Specifications (EDS)

  • Preparation of detailed drawings & specifications

  • Construction Execution Plan

  • Procurement

  • Contract preparation, tender assistance, tender management

  • Construction planning and cost control

  • Construction support

Pipeline Integrity Management

BSG Engineering has the tools and expertise to develop practical pipeline integrity management programs that are fit for purpose depending on your size and assets. We will help you to ensure that pipeline inspections occur where necessary and pipeline inspection results are analyzed and defects managed in a risk based manner. We can perform failure analysis for your pipeline failures or damage discovered during pipeline inspections and guide you to effective solutions to prevent future occurrences.

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Corrosion Modelling

  • Cathodic Protection Design and Evaluation

  • Defect Assessment & Repair

  • Pipeline Integrity and Compliance Service (PICS)

  • Engineering Assessments

  • Risk Assessment

  • Pipeline Integrity Management System Development

  • ILI Data Assessments & Management

  • Failure Analysis and Incident Investigation

  • Pipeline Deactivation and Abandonment

  • Pipeline Maintenance Services

  • Pipeline Conversion from Natural Gas to Oil

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On Site Scan

Using 3D Laser Scan, capture the Facility or portion of Retrofits, As-Builts or Training

  • Confirm Scope

  • Safety Checklist

  • Scope Checklist​

  • Trained Technician

Processing Scan

Using Geospatial software scans are generated into one file

  • ​Provide file on a Flash Drive​
  • Can reprocess 3D scan into CADWorx or AutoCAD 3D​

  • Incorporate 3D scan into 3D models


Variety of applications can utilize a 3D Laser Scan

  • As-Built P&IDs​
  • Incorporate into 3D modelling for accurate measurements, equipment placement, piping isometrics and structural design ​

  • Training with Virtual Reality (VR)

“Engineering is not only study of 45 subjects but it is moral studies of intellectual life.” 


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