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BSG Engineering is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and expanding across Western Canada.  BSG prides itself in providing quality in engineering, design, procurement, project and construction management services to the Energy Sector.  We believe quality comes from integrity and experience.  Each one of our clients is important to us and we understand their need for the consistently high quality of work, the level of assistance compatible with expectations and the understanding of project priorities.  Our services are available for application on the entire project or a specific stage of the project.


Engineering is committed to Quality, Budget and Schedule

  • Professional Practice Management Plan

  • Document Control System

  • Procurement Plan

  • Construction Management, Cost Control and Technical Support

BSG Engineering is accountable to Industry and Society as we are registered with:

  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)

  • Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (EGBC)

  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists of Saskatchewan (APEGS)

  • Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)

  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy (ECON)

  • British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (OGC)

Salvage and re-use/retrofit equipment including:

  • Oil Treaters, Separators, Tanks

  • Natural Gas Compressors

  • Process Equipment

  • Flare Systems

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Flexible approach that is critical for executing a project, working with a client to meet their project’s requirements, schedule and budget


Building your business with integrity and expertise

We believe that our success is deeply rooted in our core values. These values guide us in everything we do and help us build strong relationships with our clients.


To fulfill client expectations we consider commitment as a prime factor in our business.  Our corporate culture encourages our team by offering planned training, mentorship and incentives. Continuous development is a core value which translates to the commitment of our people, to our clients.  Each employee has the opportunity to participate in an equity share as a real and tangible gesture of commitment.


To consistently grow our capabilities, we understand confidence is a strong pillar within BSG Engineering and also earned from our clients.  Confidence in our design and projects comes through consistent evaluation of our individual skills and our company processes.  Confidence also comes through preparation and an environment to learn, try new ideas with the comfort of Quality Assurance to ensure value is being added to our clients consistently.


Our vision is long term and therefore continuity is an important value for BSG Engineering. Creating valuable relationships, innovative engineers & designers and effective processes that allow us to offer efficiencies to our clients are implemented through a professional practice, mentorship which we systemize. Our system is consistently evaluated to make sure that it transfers knowledge and values to our team and most importantly that our business is to make sure we achieve our client’s goals.

Pipeline Construction


BSG Engineering is committed to the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and has a Certificate of Recognition (COR) which states that we have met the standard through evaluation in the development and implementation of occupational health and safety programs.

BSG Engineering is responsible and carries the following insurance:

  • Pollution

  • Errors & Omissions

  • General Liability

  • Production Guarantee(upon request)




Nèeky Noor-Ali


20+ years in Project Management and Business Development

Brian Smit
Principal Structural/Civil


35+ years experience as a Mechanical Engineer in the oil and gas industry

Larry Sobry
Principal Electrical


25+ years experience as a Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls Engineer in the oil and gas industry

Walking Under Gas Pipes



BSG Engineering is a privately held company funded by its Principals. 


We are committed to working with our clients and investors in Joint Ventures and / or Partnerships.

Please contact us for more information.

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